DIO is a newest innovative brand made by Opticom. Opticom is a leading manufacturers of high-quality customized progressive lenses.
Since established in 2000, we have continued to grow as an innovative RX-company through the development of high technology, investment in facilities and improvement for service. Our specialized on-line ordering system enables you to simply order a complex sports lens and besides offer you thickness simulation for customer's convenience.

Today Opticom delivers its products around the world including Japan, Australia, U.S.A and Europe and its field are expanded rapidly.
Our new brand DIO is launched to meet our customer's expectation and better life. DIO is designed by Freeform, which is the newest processing technology, and we are happy to provide you with its DIO at reasonable price. DIO offer a wide and clear vision ,especially, when you enjoy outdoor actives such as Golf and Cycle.

Our optimal production system, from the customized order system to finishing technology, enables to offer you a crispy and wide vision.
We ensure that we always try to correspond to any customer's needs responsively and keep making every effort to everyone's good life and better vision.