Compared to the glasses for usual lives and leisure activities, assurance of eye protection should be top priority in choosing sports glasses. It should guarantee not only eye protection from external shock but also from harmful UV rays which affect cornea and other important visual organs. In addition, required function with sports glasses should reach also the adjustment of incoming solar energy and enhancement of sharp vision. Of course, DIO Sports are equipped with these necessary functions for sports glasses. But, in addition to these conventional requirements, DIO Sports uniquely have comfort and sharp vision. The wearers of DIO Sports don’t fell dizzy or unpleasing vision distortion any more.

Almost all sports glasses have 6 or 8 base curved lenses (wrap around) inserted. If a prescription is required for these sports glasses but only base curves are considered, then, due to error by prism or prescription error in each meridian of lenses, wearers feel very uncomfortable or experience even headache depending on power. If such prescription requires cylinder power to compensate astigmatism, this discomfort will be doubled. In this reason, if sports glasses want to be perfect, then, it should be able to eliminate possible discomfort and blur in vision. That is, prescription by optometrist or eye doctor should be compensated considering patients’ ergonomic parameters and target sports activities. Pupil distance, frame’s wrap angle, corneal vertex distance to lens surface, decline angles (pantoscopic angle), frame size, wearer’s height are key factors to be considered to compensate the prescription. That is, wherever the wearers see through the lenses, they should be able to see comfortably and clearly.

DIO Sports provides comfortable and clear vision as well as perfect protection from external shock and UV thanks to up-to-date design technology and CNC freeform equipments. DIO Sports adapt all these personal parameters in design of each individual lenses. Thanks to these characteristic technologies, they can experience the vision they never experience before;

• Thanks to “3DO” technology adapting frame information and wearer’s personal ergonomic parameters during design of the lenses, DIO sports offer the best
  optics they never experienced with conventional sports lenses. This technology is possible because all DIO Sports are produced in 100% digital surfacing.

• Visions created by obliquely incident lights at peripheral side are compensated so even the vision apart from optical center is clear and comfortable, which
  leads to wide vision at peripheral side.

• Progressive addition power lenses under DIO Sports category guarantees natural eye movement and much less swimming or jumping effect. Thanks to DIO
  Sports’ prescription compensation throughout whole lens surface, wearers feel like they wear comfortable single vision lenses.

• Light control and color enhancement: we developed special tint per each specific sports activity, which helps visual acuity for that sport by enhancing contrast
  and visibility. Of course, in addition to that, DIO Sports block harmful UV 100%.

• Protection from impact-related injury: 90% of the injuries during sports activities can be prevented and DIO Sports protects your eyes from this preventable
  injury by superior impact resistance material ImpactFree.

• DIO Sports offer wider range of powers. If you need high minus power, then, you might hear you can’t enjoy 6 or 8 curved sports glasses due to limitation on
  production range. But DIO Sports increased the power ranges thanks to freeform technology called lenticularization.

• DIO Sports offer various kinds of surface treatment such as various mirror coatings and dirt-free coatings.

DIO Sports categories

• DIO Sports single vision: Freeform back surfacing spheric or atoric single vision with unique technologies for high curved frames.

• DIO Sports progressive lenses: Freeform back surfacing progressive design for specific sports use. They guarantee wide far vision and smooth vision change.

• DIO Sports Golf: Golf environment needs more improved essential 3 area vision for perfect game. If you were not satisfied with your current progressive lens
  or want to have more clear vision, take DIO Golf specially designed for highest performance in golf game.

- Improved accuracy of shifting focus between the ball & target and in deciding distance to hole cup.
- Maximized sharp vision in all 3 area; score board, ball, distant field.
- Minimized distortion in peripheral vision.
- Power doesn’t change in intermediate zone vision which should be stable for focusing the ball.
- Suitable with wraparound frames.
- Proper with impact resistant material and special tint developed for crispy vision only for golf use.